"This Is It" travels to Berlin!

short video of This Is It:Celebration of Freedom Uselessness and Collaboration

longer version of This Is It:Celebration of Freedom Uselessness and Collaboration

The audience will be surprised and delighted. “This Is It”, the lively, fun Art Exhibition and performance of Freedom, Uselessness and Collaboration investigates the process of creativity and communication:
In the Performance, dancers wear white and painters wear black. White and black are polarities, and in between polarities is a spectrum of colours and tones which painters are applying to the surface of dancers.  Dancers move past painters, painters move around dancers and the musical improvisation is dictating rhythms that create soundscapes for the performance.
Sound is frequency, colour is frequency, movement is frequency – this performance is an attempt to harmonize these frequencies and discover what happens.  Maybe while moving between polarities we find singularity, or we may create chaos, or, something radically unexpected occurs.
 In the Art Exhibition the viewer will meet large scale paintings and sculptures placed in a provocative environment. “This Is It” is a series of art objects unified under one concept.  Grammatically, “This”, is a direct reference and, philosophically, direct reference brings a chosen object to the center of attention.
This art show is an invitation to observe the object of art in an intensity of awareness and presence. Can you see the surface of the canvas as it is – plain, silent, and useless? Can you reflect from this experience? Can you integrate it to the world of meaning, reason and usefulness – our created world?
Paula Nishikawara is a Vancouver artist recently back from a 3 month Residency in Berlin.  She is a graduate of Emily Carr College of Art and Design who has exhibited in Canada, the United States, Australia and Germany. Herpaintings and large-scale backdrops are rooted in the unique colours, shapes and geography of North America’s Pacific Northwest. They are also informed by the experience of moving in an athlete’s body. Her stunning use of light and abstract line attest to the immense impact that the natural world can have on us.  
Inspired by the dualities of permanence and impermanence and chaos and order, as well as music, nature, and negotiations of life, Paula’s magnificent creations have the power to change lives. Her work offers viewers the experience of peace, inspiration, energy, paradigm shifts and focus.  
Paula uses mainly raw-canvas tableaus, pastel, graphite and acrylic paints. Her dramatic yet subtle abstract works explore minimalist, audacious, organic, sensuous and intellectual ideas. Paula’s works are conversations with North America’s Pacific Northwest & explorations of the human experience. She is committed to working collaboratively and creating transformative works of art.
She has recently developed a body of collaborative art work with Pedda Borowski, a Berlin based artist and Juozas Augulis an artist/philosopher from Lithuania. She is passionate about creating shows that combine concept, authentic ambience and unique moving experiences. In Berlin, a show was set in a cellar, while in Vancouver exhibitions have graced homes in private wooded forests and with ocean views.  These exhibitions have set the stage for internationally acclaimed authors and business openings.  

Momentarily making art useful

 Iphone 4 and Iphone 5c custom cell phone cases with a couple of my paintings embedded in the plastic forever

"Chaos and order"

There is some structure to this Chaos
And now Chaos and Order is complete.

"It's Hard Not Knowing"

Most of us have a hard time when there are things we just don't know.........
38" x 65"